Shahab Hakimi, a presidential candidate announced on Monday that they will launch a huge protest early on Tuesday morning from Ghazi stadium in the east of Kabul.
Mohammad Mohaqiq, Second Deputy Chief Executive and running mate of a presidential candidate said that the protesters will demand President Ghani to step down.
“We have repeatedly told the government that its time is finished but they didn’t listen to us. We have undertaken a number of initiatives including demonstrations, holding negotiations with the Taliban and Pakistan and so on,” Mohaqiq said.
According to the Afghan Constitution, the legal tenure of President Ghani has ended on May 22.
However, the Supreme Court of Afghanistan extended his service term until the re-election of a new president which raised widespread reactions by the presidential candidates.
The Council of Presidential Candidates suggested Ghani to either step down from his presidency or refrain from his candidacy.
The candidates accuse President Ghani of misusing from government resources.
This comes as the Afghan presidential palace is scheduled to be held on September 28 this year

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