Former President Hamid Karzai, jihadi leaders Karim Khalili, Mohammad Mohaqqeq and other political figures Sayed Ishaq Gilani, Sayed Hamed Gilani, Hajji Din Mohammad, Zarar Moqbel and Rahmatullah Nabil attended the meeting.
Earlier, some politicians met President Ghani in the presidential office, in which, according to Ghani’s office, the meeting discussed political situation and peace process.
President Ghani has told the meeting that he would be ready give leadership of the peace process to his electoral contender Abdullah Abdullah.
Ghani had earlier told lawmakers that his government would be based on wide bases and would include Abdullah Abdullah.
Ghani said that current problems would not be solved by a “two-headed” government, a reference to the national unity government served in the past five years in partnership with Abdullah. He called for a political consensus.
Prior to meeting Ghani, the prominent politicians met Abdullah in his residence to discuss political solutions for the current crisis.

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