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PublishDate: دوشنبه 16 October 139816:38

US State Department Names Ross Wilson as

According to a US official, Wilson is expected to arrive in Kabul soon.
Ross L. Wilson is a former U.S. Foreign Service officer and ambassador. He was the United States Ambassador to Turkey, with the personal rank of Minister-Counselor.
Karen Decker, deputy chief of mission of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, will serve as chargé d’affaires until Wilson’s arrival, the official said.

The US ambassador to Afghanistan, John Bass has stepped down from his position on Monday, after serving in the country since December 2017.
“It is time for Holly and I to leave Afghanistan. We will cherish our memories of the Eid holiday in 2018 when peace fell over the whole country and Afghans saw it was possible for both sides to stop the violence,” Bass said in his twitter account.
Bass emphasized that he looks forward to returning to a peaceful Afghanistan.
“My earnest hope is for leaders and citizens across this country to find strength in unity, put aside their differences, and work together to negotiate a political settlement with the Taliban. Afghans and this beautiful country deserve nothing less,” he added.

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