AVA- The Council of Presidential Candidates believes that this action is an indecency and ignoring the country’s constitution by ARG (Afghanistan’s Presidential Palace).
Faramarz Tamana, a presidential candidate, says that they do not want to break the government structure; however, the government should respect the law and the oath that they had made at the beginning of their tenure.
This members of the council warned that they and their supporters will organize civil movements including disobediences in next a few days against the government to prevent the illegal extension of President Ghani’s tenure.
 “The Afghan people do not accept this situation. They will organize the legal movements in case the government leaders ignore our demands and continue their illegal administration,” said Qader Shah, Spokesperson for the Peace and Moderation election ticket.
Despite the closure of roads leading to the ARG by containers on Wednesday due to probable protests, ARG said that President Ghani continued working in his position today as normal.
Based on article 61 of the country’s constitutions, the National Unity Government legal term ended today.
However, the Supreme Court of Afghanistan approved the extension of President Ashraf Ghani’s tenure on late April until the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for September 28. 

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