AVA- The participants discussed ways to reform Afghanistan’s election law.
At the beginning of the meeting, President M. Ashraf Ghani welcomed the participants, saying that the general consensus is about the need to modify the election law.
“The draft law on the amendment of the electoral law has been prepared to take all the opinions of the people and modify the law based on them,” he added.
Subsequently, the advisory session was continued by the second Vice President M. Sarwar Danish and the participants expressed their comments, views, and suggestions on adjusting the electoral law.
“The draft law to amend the electoral law is not a government plan, but more than 20 meetings have been held in this regard, and the plan has been the subject of suggestions and consultations,” he added.
In the end, a technical committee consisting of representatives of the candidates, political parties and civil society organizations involved in the election has been tasked to discuss and finalize the draft within two days.

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