AVA- Speaking during a press conference in Kabul, Gen. Murad said terrorism is a regional and international phenomenon, emphasizing that the international community should unite in the fight against terrorism and increase pressures on countries supporting the terror groups.
Gen. Murad further added that the ongoing conflict has been imposed on Afghanistan and the Afghans are in the frontline of the fight against terrorism.
This comes as the Afghan and U.S. officials have long been claiming that the militant and terrorist groups, particularly the Taliban and the notorious Haqqani terrorist network, use their safe havens in Pakistan to plan and coordinate attacks in Afghanistan.
However, the Pakistani officials have repeatedly rejected the claims of the Afghan and U.S. officials.
In the meantime, Gen. Murad hailed the national defense and security forces for their efforts in maintaining better security during the Day of Ashura.
He urged the people to cooperate with the security forces by informing the armed forces regarding the suspicious moves of the militant and terrorist groups.

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