Second Vice President Sarwar Danish and National Security adviser Hamdullah Mohib were also present.
In the meeting Kabul Garrison chief General Murad Ali Murad give a brief on security measures for Muḥarram and martyr's week.
“Good progress has been made in coordination with the civilian institutions, according to the clear guidance of the President on securing the West of Kabul, the martyr’s week and ceremonies of Muharram,” Murad said.
According to Murad no one is allowed to disturb security.
During the meeting Ghani expressed his condolences to families of Wednesday’s terrorist incident and welcomed the security plan for martyr’s week and Muharram ceremony.
“The measures in this area are not enough and I have directed that Kabul be divided into four security zones, including West Kabul, and that now the Security Coordination Center is active in western Kabul and will become a core security center in the future,” Ghani said. 
Ghani also said that a Joint Security and People's Committees will be formed on the basis of the people's suggestion, and a clear monitoring and reporting mechanism will be created for the Supreme Headquarters.
Ghani referring to the offer of speakers on the distribution of temporary weapons in some mosques, he directed the relevant authorities to examine the practical ways of this request comprehensively and to take a supervisory approach to the mosque's guardians in order to prevent disturbance of security. 
This comes after residents of Kabul’s Dasht-e-Barchi on Friday called on government to hand over the security responsibility of the area to the people.
They argued that they can ensure their safety better than government forces.
The residents said government lacks the ability to maintain the security of the area.
Dasht-e-Barchi is located in west of Kabul that encompasses PD13 and PD18. It was the most secure area in the past years, but recently it has witnessed deadly explosions.
On Wednesday, Daesh targeted a wrestling gym in Dasth-e-Barchi,  killing 26 people and wounded nearly 100 others.
Over 500 residents of Dasht-e-Barchi have already taken up guns to maintain security of over 100 mosques in the area.
The Ministry of Interior said arming Dasht-e-Barchi residents is not possible.
“It is impossible that people say the ordinary people should be given weapons. But if they have any comprehensive plan for safeguarding people’s lives, they should share it with the security department,” said Nusrat Rahimi, deputy spokesman for Ministry of Interior. 
The local forces in Dasht-e-Barchi are responsible for maintaining security of big gatherings in the area including their rituals. 

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