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PublishDate: جمعه 1 January 139912:12

Taliban negotiating envoy to visit Kabul tomorrow

According to sources close to the Taliban, the envoy enters Kabul with the help of the Red Crescent and will negotiate with the government regarding the release of its prisoners.
Sayed Akbar Agha, Taliban’s former member, has said that the envoy will only talk about the releases.
It is said that the envoy, will be aided by 10 Taliban prisoners from the Bagram and 5 from the Pol-e Charkhi prisons, to conduct the identification and handover process of the prisoners.
The Afghan government says that it will be guaranteed that the released Taliban do not return to battlefields.
Jawid Faisal, the spokesperson of the National Security Council, has said, “The envoy will be asked for assurances so that their prisoners do not get back to war.”
It is noteworthy that the government-Taliban focal points, in their second VTC meeting, agreed to release the prisoners – the government is releasing one hundred Taliban prisoners by March 31st.

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