“40 Afghan students are studying in Wuhan city of China,” Jawid Ahmad Qaem Afghan ambassador to China told reporters. “Efforts to assists these students have begun,” he added.
He added that they have spoken with the Chinese Foreign Ministry to take immediate action whenever it is permitted to expel Afghan students.
Meanwhile, Mashal Jamalzoy, an Afghan student in Wuhan city said in a video that 50 Afghan students and 4 families are currently in Wuhan.
Afghan ambassador to China also said that he has spoken with Jamalzoy.
Chairing an emergency meeting on delivering urgent assistance to Afghan citizens and students in Wuhan, Haroon Chakhansuri, the acting foreign minister also instructed the relevant authorities to take comprehensive measures in this regard in coordination with the Afghan embassy in Beijing.
According to Chinese state media, the coronavirus has been spreading and has infected at least 1,975 people in China, killing at least 56 so far.

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