AVA- A day earlier, the Taliban in a statement announced the launch of their spring operation codenamed ‘Al-Fath’ across the country. The group claimed it waged more than 90 attacks on the day one of their offensive.
Resolute Support Mission (RSM) spokesman Col Dave Butler in a video message said they all announced support to Afghan security forces after the Taliban’s announcement of their spring offensives.
“Taliban chose violernce over peace despite a great opportunity for peace came into existent for the first time over the last four decades of war in Afghanistan, but the Taliban chose violence,” he said.
He said the Afghan people wanted peace while the Taliban emphasized on waging war.
RSM spokesman said NATO and US forces top commander in Afghanistan Gen. Scott Miller had also said Taliban’s choice of war over peace indicated their emphasize on war.
“We also fight them, we support the Afghan forces with all our ability, we are on their side because they are protectors of Afghans,” he quoted Miller as saying.

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