AVA- “France is consulting with its European partners about the situation in Venezuela, the president's office said on Wednesday as the South American country's opposition leader declared himself interim president,” read a statement from Emmanuel Macron’s office.
Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrel said a joint statement from the EU on the situation is important amid demands of the government from the right-wing opposition to recognize Juan Guaido as president.
Some Venezuelans living in the Spanish capital of Madrid who celebrated the developments in a main square were joined by the leader of main opposition party, the People’s Party.
German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass also said a joint response is being worked on with EU partners.
"We call on all actors Venezuela in prudence and to refrain from violence," he said.
“ [We] Will coordinate a joint response with our EU partners,” he said.
Britain’s Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Alan Duncan said on Twitter he was “following the situation in Venezuela carefully’ and “Juan Guaido has widespread support among Venezuelans.”
He said: “The political crisis has gone on long enough. Now is the time to find a way forward that leads to a peaceful solution for all Venezuelans.”
Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen also took to the Twitter.
“New hope in Venezuela. Denmark will always support legitimate elected democratic institutions- not least the parliamentary assembly including Juan Guaido,” he said. “Working for a strong EU statement.”
Meanwhile, Guy Verhofstadt, the leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, urged the EU to recognize Guaido as president.
“The US, Canada & many crucial EU partners in Latin American have recognised @Jguaido as President of #Venezuela & the EU should do the same,” he said on Twitter.
“He is the only legitimately elected representative of the Venezuelan people & authorities must guarantee his fundamental rights & security,” Verhofstadt wrote.
U.S. President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that Washington would recognize opposition leader Guaido as interim president.
Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro has slammed the decision and said his country was cutting off diplomatic relations with the U.S., giving American diplomats 72 hours to leave the country.
Maduro made the announcement while speaking to supporters who gathered at the Presidential Palace in the capital of Caracas.

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