Speaking at the closing ceremony of a 16-day campaign for eliminating violence against women, Abdullah said that most of the people want to have peace in the country, but he said delaying the presidential elections for the sake of peace plan is not something as the government leadership has discussed.
“Both plans [peace, and elections] is important. Ensuring peace will put an end to their continued pain and suffering and that [peace] plan should continue but delaying elections for the sake of having results for that plan is not something discussed and the government leadership has declared its stand in this regard,” he said.
Abdullah, meanwhile, urged the Independent Election Commission (IEC) to announce the final results of the parliamentary elections in order to have timely presidential elections in the country which is set for April next year.
“I hope that the commissions with coordination of each other declare the final results elections based on the law, so that the presidential elections could be held on the scheduled time,” he said.  
The IEC Deputy Spokesman Abdul Aziz Ibrahimi, however, said that the commission has taken the “necessary” steps to announce the results of the elections and holding the coming presidential votes.

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