The protests are underway in West of Kabul city where the demonstrations turned violent on Sunday afternoon after the arrest of commander Alipur.
Reports received from Balkh and Bamyan provinces indicate that similar protests have been launched in Mazar Sharif city and Bamyan demanding the release of commander Alipur.
In the meantime, some of the roads leading towards West of Kabul are closed as protesters have gathered in Pul Sukhta area of the city.
The security officials are saying at least twenty policemen sustained injuries during the first day of the protests in Dasht Bachi area on Sunday.
Eyewitnesses said Sunday that Commander Alipur was detained by the National Directorate of Security forces from Qala Qazi area of the city on Sunday morning.
Commander Alipur is accused of harassing the passengers on highways in central parts of the country and leading irresponsible armed individuals.

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