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PublishDate: يکشنبه 25 June 139710:37

Ghani informs of major changes in the security leadership in Kabul

AVA- He made the remarks during a meeting with the directors of the private schools in West of Kabul city.
The Office of the President, ARG Palace, in a statement said the directors of the private schools shared their concerns and issues regarding the private schools, particularly the security concerns.
In his turn, President Ghani offered condolences regarding the recent incidents and called the attacks in West of Kabul city, an attack on the unity and religious solidarity of the people of Afghanistan.
He urged the directors of the private schools to review the security challenges in close coordination with the security institutions so that practical steps could be taken.
President Ghani further added that the security of Kabul city has been divided in four zones and a new deputy commandment has the responsibility of the security of the West of Kabul city.
He also instructed the acting Minister of Education to cooperate with the private schools to modify the regulations of the private schools and have meetings with the directors of all private schools in this regard.

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