AVA- The local officials in southern Helmand province confirmed that the helicopters were handed over to the 215th Maiwand Corps on Thursday.
Provincial governor’s spokesman Omar Zwak said the helicopters were transferred to the 215th Maiwand Corps by the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission.
He said the helicopters were handed over based on the recommendations of the provincial governor and request has been made for the deployment of additional transport helicopters.
According to Zwak, the Afghan Military expects to receive more helicopters in the near future.
Zwak also added that the 215th Maiwand Corps did not have the Black Hawk helicopters and only the foreign forces were using the choppers during the operations.
This comes as efforts are underway by the Afghan government and the international allies of Afghanistan to boost the capabilities of the Afghan national defense and security forces, specifically the Afghan Air Force.
The coalition forces officials in Afghanistan had earlier said that the size of the Afghan Air Force will be tripled over the next five years with the addition of new equipment and aircraft.
In the meantime, twenty four Afghan Air Force pilots including two women returned to Afghanistan after completing their training courses in Czech Republic.
The Afghan Air Force (AAF) said Saturday that the fixed-wing aircraft pilots have returned to Afghanistan after graduation from Czech Republic and will start services in the Afghan Air Force.
A statement by AAF said the pilots have been trained to operate the A-29 light attack aircraft as well as the C-208 transport planes.

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