Nabil issued a statement on his official Twitter account, claiming that Muavia has returned to North Waziristan to resume his terrorist related operations.
“Ismatullah Muavia is leading a terrorist group, was based in NorthWaziristan & during the ZarbeAzab oper’s has moved by MI/ISI to Vehari District Punjab. He is moved back to Waziristain& sending terrorist to AFG & Kashmir & planning assassination  of PTM leaders & call it Jihad!,” Nabil said.
This comes as Nabil released classified documents to confirm the allegation regarding the support of Pakistan to the Afghan militant groups, specifically the notorious Haqqani terrorist network.
The six documents released by Nabil in mid-July included formal letters by Pakistani military and the military intelligence of the country, Inter Services Intelligence (ISI).
Nabil had said the Haqqani network not only remained intact from Zarb-e-Azb operations but the Pakistani military shifted the network’s fighters, families, weapons and other equipment to safe places.
He also added that the Afghan and American intelligence agencies were undoubtedly aware of the move and National Directorate of Security has hundreds of classified documents of the Pakistani military regarding its support to Afghan militants.
In the meantime, the Pakistani military officials admitted that some residuals of the notorious Haqqani terrorist network still remain in Pakistan as the Afghan and US officials emphasize that the terror group’s leadership councils are based in the key cities of Pakistan, including Quetta city.
Addressing accusations of harbouring the Haqqani network on the Pakistan side, the Pakistani Military spokesman Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor conceded today that some residual strength may still remain in Pakistan, according to Dawn News.

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