The parliamentary and district council elections are scheduled to be held on October 20 this year and according to IEC, the candidate registration will continue until June 12.
 Afghan citizen, who is 25 or over, can register his name and contest the legislative polls.  Moreover, the candidates should bear 1,000 ID cards of voters at the time of registration.
Since the beginning of candidate registration drive, more than 1,650 individuals have received the application form for candidacy.
According to IEC, about 3,400,000 voters have been registered for the elections so far including 2,300,000 male and 1,070,000 female voters. In between, 67,000 Kochi and 467 Sikhs have registered.
This comes as the IEC has set 4,491 voter registration centers across the country. In between 3,305 centers are open for registration while 417 more have been closed due to high-security threats.
In addition, 332 voter registration centers have been closed due to insecurity while 310 others do not have election materials including in Ghazni and Faryab provinces.

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