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ARG palace is ready to negotia

AVA- “The President actions are based on the laws of the country, especially whatever the President has done after being registered as a candidate. The President is ready for any constructive discussion in this regard,” said Durrani Waziri, a Spokesperson for the President.
The announcement comes after the Stability and Partnership electoral ticket led by Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah on Friday said that the concerns regarding the extension of National Unity Government’s tenure are negotiable. Abdullah asked for restricting the authorities of President in using government resources for electoral campaigns.
“The obstinacy of the government with the presidential candidates adds to the problems. Treating the major national issues obstinately can have bad consequences,” said Assadullah Saadati, the running-mate of CE Abdullah.
Meanwhile, the presidential candidates stress that the government should guarantee that it is not interfering in the election process and will not misuse the government resources for campaigning purposes.
“The President has to listen to the presidential candidates and give a guarantee that he is not misusing the government resources for his personal benefit during the election. In addition, he should show his commitment for holding a transparent election,” said Faramarz Tamana, a presidential candidate.
Based on the country’s Constitution, the legal tenure of the National Unity Government led by President Ghani ended on May 22.
However, due to the postponement of the presidential election to September 28, the Supreme Court extended Ghani’s service term until the re-election of a new president.
At least 11 presidential candidates and some political parties opposed the move and warned of holding widespread protests against the continuation of the government after May 22.

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