Yamamoto made the remarks while briefing the UN Security Council on late on Wednesday.
The UN envoy further added that the Taliban group should come to the table and negotiate directly with the Afghan government.
He said “I am encouraged by signs of increasing consultations between countries leading these initiatives in support of a political settlement. The common message to the Taliban is clear: come to the table and negotiate directly with the Afghan Government.”
Yamamoto also added that “I call upon those countries with direct contacts and with influence over the Taliban to intensify their efforts towards this goal.”
Furthermore, he emphasized that ultimately, there is no substitute for the Afghan people taking ownership and advancing their inclusive dialogue towards a peace process.
The UN envoy also added that the government and political leaders must foster consensus and create structured arrangements to effectively represent the interests of all Afghan people in their engagement with the Taliban.
In the meantime, the UN envoy emphasized that preparations for the presidential elections should not distract from the necessary work.
This comes as efforts are underway to launch direct peace talks between the Afghan government and Taliban group.
However, the Taliban group has so far refrained to participate in any form of talks with the Afghan government.

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