A total of 278 civilians, including women and children, suffered casualties, 184 of them killed and 94 others injured, according to CPAG statistics involving 40 incidents in 15 provinces.
Based on these figures, 55 civilians were killed and 30 others injured in Kabul alone. The attack on the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Public Works was the deadliest.
At least 47 people, including seven women, were killed and 27 others -- 11 of them women -- injured. The victims were either civilians or public servants.
Although peace negotiations have gained significant momentum, fighting between the government and insurgents has also escalated in a number of provinces, causing huge losses to non-combatants.
The group called upon the United Nations and the United States to put pressure on the warring parties to avoid harming civilians in military operations.
At the same, CPAG urged the warring sides not to target areas that could endanger lives of civilians.
CPAG, which is comprised of 20 civil society organisations, releases monthly reports on civilian casualties and advocates for justice to war-affected families.
Based on the CPAG report about civilian casualties, 213 people were killed and 212 others injured in December 2018.


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