The announcement follows a UN Security Council statement Tuesday urging an immediate ceasefire in Afghanistan to respond to the pandemic and ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid throughout the country.
“If, God forbid, coronavirus outbreak happens in areas under our control, we control the situation, then we could stop fighting in that specific area so that health institutions will deliver their assistance,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid quoted himself on Twitter as telling The New York Times.
He said that his words should not be interpreted as ceasefire.
The Taliban have also said they would guarantee the security of health and aid workers traveling to their areas offering assistance to prevent the spread of the new virus, according to NYT.
Afghanistan has 239 confirmed cases, including 4 deaths.The government has imposed lockdown in several cities including Kabul.
Earlier, Red Cross also urged the Afghan government and the Taliban to cooperate in the fight against coronavirus.
The Taliban have released pictures of local health officials in white gowns and masks handing out protective masks and bars of soap to locals.
They have also apparently launched public awareness efforts.

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