According to a statement released by Council of Presidential Runners, the UN mission in Afghanistan has adopted a ‘biased’ approach while dealing with the issues of presidential elections.

The statement specifically pointed towards the recent letter of UNAMA in which it complained regarding the behavior of one of the election commissioners, calling it a biased approach.
Meanwhile, some social media users and activists have complained that the UN mission in Afghanistan has not only removed their critical comments regarding the mission’s recent statement and Tweets but has blocked them from accessing its social media pages.
On the other hand, Asadullah Saadati, the running mate of Abdullah Abdullah in presidential election has said that he does not think UNAMA is solely responsible for the issue.
Saadati blamed certain active ‘channels’ within UNAMA for the issue, claiming that the channels are actively operating in other areas as well.
This comes as an audio clip of lawmaker Shinkai Karokhail who is also a member of the electoral team of President Ashraf Ghani recently went viral on social media websites in which she talks about a specific channel in UNAMA that operates in favor of State Builder team led by the President.

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