AVA- Addressing a gathering in Kabul, Abdullah said on Monday that the Afghan National Forces would be able for protecting and defending their country.
He added that no agreement was assigned over US troops permanent presence in Afghanistan.
The US president Donald J. Trump has obviously said that he would pull out US troops from Afghanistan.
Trump in an interview with the CCB TV has said that the US can vastly rely on its intelligence affairs in Afghanistan.
US congress on Saturday opposed Trump’s decision over troop’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and Syria.
More than 14 thousand US troops are settling in Afghanistan at the moment.
Meanwhile some of the parliamentarian has criticized Trump’s recent comments over troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.
A member of the parliament Faisal Sami Naib said that Afghanistan and US have drafted a security treaty, hence that the decision should not be based on one way.
“We have a particular treaty with US. Any kind of one way decision is made by America is not acceptable. We hope the decision is made in coordination to the strategic treaty,” he said.
Naib has expressed concerns over prematurely US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, furthered that such neglects may pave the ground for foreigners’ interference in the country.

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