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PublishDate: دوشنبه 29 May 139713:28

Ghani orders troops to continue their operations against Taliban

The Office of the President, ARG Palace, in a statement said President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani spoke via video teleconference with the provincial governors, national defense and security officials, provincial council members, and members of the provincial high peace and Ulemas councils.
The statement further added that issues related to the security of the country during Eid days were discussed together with the administration of the likely ceasefire.
According to ARG Palace, the conference was also attended by the Chairmen of Afghanistan High Peace Council and the Ulemas Council of Afghanistan, National Security Adviser, Officials of the security and defense institutions, and some other high level government officials.
President Ghani instructed the national defense and security forces to continue to their operations against the Taliban until a positive response has not been received.
He also added that the details of the ceasefire and joint instructions of the national defense and security institutions and the government have been shared with the provincial administrative governments through the Independent Directorate of Local Governance.

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