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PublishDate: Tuesday, January 29, 201923:53

Taliban believe talking with Afghan govt. would mean giving credit to Ghani: US peace envoy

AVA- Speaking in an exclusive interview with local 1TV, Zalmay Khalilzad said that both the Afghan elites and the Taliban want a solution to the issue, adding they could seek UN help.
Asked about possibility of an interim government, Khalilzad said that it was an issue which could be discussed in intra-Afghan dialogue.
Khalilzad said that there was still no consensus in the anti-Taliban side on how much sacrifice should be made in peace process.
Asked if the sides don’t reach an agreement, the envoy said that it would mean missing a historic opportunity. “It would be cruelty against the Afghan people.”
“Peace requires sacrifice,” Khalilzad said echoing Ghani’s remarks that the peace process carries possible risks.
Khalilzad said that “lessons should be learnt from the past, but it doesn’t mean war should continue.”
According to the diplomat, peace is US’s highest priority in Afghanistan. He believes the road to peace carries domestic, regional and international complexities.

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