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PublishDate: Wednesday, April 12, 201715:41

Russia warns US not to repeat Syria strike

It is “important to not allow repeat of such strike

Russia has cautioned the United States against staging a repeat of its recent unauthorized missile strike against Syria, which risked sparking a direct confrontation between Moscow and Washington.

Afghan Voice Agency(AVA),Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov issued the warning while meeting with his visiting American counterpart Rex Tillerson at the Kremlin on Wednesday.

It is “important to not allow repeat of such strikes,” which “were [in] violation of law,” Lavrov said.

Last Friday, US President Donald Trump ordered a missile strike on a Syrian airbase. It saw a barrage of ۵۹ Tomahawk missiles launched against the Shayrat airfield in the western Syrian Homs Province, causing some ۱۵ fatalities, including civilians.

Russian forces were based at the airfield, although US officials said the Russians had been given notice of the strike ahead of time.

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