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PublishDate: Tuesday, March 4, 2014 17:58

Tajikistan urges international community to assist country in strengthening protection of border with Afghanistan

Priority of cooperation at the moment is to prepare professionals for border troops of both countries.

Deputy Chairman of the State Committee of National Security of Tajikistan Mansurdzhon Umarov called on donor countries to assist in strengthening security on Tajik-Afghan border in connection with withdrawal of the ISAF troops from Afghanistan this year.

Deterioration of the situation is expected, he said at opening of a conference on border management and strengthening cross-border cooperation between Tajikistan and Afghanistan in Dushanbe on Tuesday.

Umarov noted that 180 special operations, which resulted in seizure of over 3.5 tons of drugs and 120 firearms were carried out on Tajik-Afghan border for last 3 years.

He also underlined good cooperation between the relevant authorities of two countries in the field of border security, and stressed a need to develop new instruments to strengthen this cooperation.

Tajikistan has adopted a national strategy to strengthen border security in 2010. Despite the fact that in recent years, government funding of border troops in Tajikistan increased by several times, the country still needs help from the international community in implementation of this strategy, Deputy Chairman added.

$45 million were used to create a border infrastructure in Tajikistan recent years.

Umarov said that priority of cooperation at the moment is to prepare professionals for border troops of both countries.(Akipress)


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