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PublishDate: Monday, February 3, 2014 12:18

Living Conditions in Afghanistan Deteriorate in Past 2 Years: CSO

More than 30 percent of Afgh

The living conditions of Afghans have deteriorated in the past two years, the Central Statistics Organization (CSO) said on Sunday.

More than a third of Afghans, or 36 percent, are living in poverty while 25 percent are unemployed, according to the National Risk and Vulnerability Assessment, conducted by the CSO in 34  provinces.

The NRVA survey assesses 22 important aspects of life including poverty, unemployment, education, housing, and water supply. The NRVA survey was conducted in 2012, and according to the CSO Afghan unemployment, poverty and food safety have deteriorated although direct comparison is difficult because the CSO has not released precise figures for 2012.

More than 30 percent of Afghans do not have food safety, the report said.

"Considering the mentioned points like unemployment, poverty and food safety, living conditions of Afghan Citizens is poor,"said Hasibullah Mowahed, Deputy President General of CSO.

A number of economic experts said that economic surveys are important to the country, adding that presidential candidates should design their programmes based to such surveys.

"These surveys are very beneficial and the international community, the Afghan government and the Presidential candidates should make their economic plans based on these statistics," University lecturer Fazl Ahmad Joya told TOLOnews.

The national risk and vulnerability assessment survey is funded by the European Union and costs 2.5 million USD.

Some aspects of Afghan life have improved in the last two years, including the education system, housing, water supply, and health services, according to the CSO.


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