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PublishDate: Thursday, January 16, 2014 19:58

India rejects ‘exit’ strategy for Afghanistan

Laurel said delay in signing of the pact would erode the confidence of the Afghan people as well as create uncertainty among the international community.

Rejecting an “exit strategy” for Afghanistan, India today pitched for “closest international support” to prevent decade-long achievements from going “waste” in the war-torn country, where the US plans a total pull-out by this year end in absence of bilateral security agreement (BSA).

Addressing the meeting of International Contact Group (ICG) on Afghanistan-Pakistan, attended by representatives from 53 countries, External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid said Afghanistan was at a critical juncture and required steadfast support from the international community.

Reiterating India’s support for peace and security in Afghanistan, he said what faces that country was “not anymore intrinsic tribal differences” of ethnic divisions but it was “clearly terrorism and continuability of some armed opposition groups to launch attacks on innocent civilians and legitimate Afghan government“.

Asserting that the focus of the international community should be that these “terrorist groups and inspiration and support that they get from outside Afghanistan must be curtailed and contained”, Khurshid said there should not be lack of will by international community to tackle the surge of terrorism and it should not be allowed to hide behind alibis and allow the achievements of 12 years to “go to waste” or “slip away“.

Nothing justifies terrorism and “closest international cooperation” was required to defeat this scourge,


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