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PublishDate: Tuesday, April 23, 2013 11:40

Focus on India`s Previous Decade Role In Afghanistan

The Indian scholarships to the Afghan student reveal evidence that India was dealing with the Afghan affairs as honest and good friend.

 Afghanistan as a strategic country succeeded in foreign diplomatic and economic relations with the regional countries same as neighboring Iran, Pakistan, India, China, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan and with consideration of the upper bilateral trade and diplomatic cooperation and Afghanistan`s strategic reputation and location in Asia, various world nations are willing to establish close trade, transit, commerce and diplomatic ties with the country and are contributing in security sector and reconstruction process and India is among those countries which has offered its humanitarian and generous financial and moral supports to Afghanistan in different sectors in the last ten years mainly health, higher education and capacity building programs.

Over the previous decade, the Indian government besides providing learning opportunities to the Afghan students also provided huge economic and financial assistance to help Afghanistan in the reconstruction and rehabilitation process including health, education and capacity building process and overall Indian financial aids to Afghanistan reaches to nearly $ two billion and currently up to 7,000 Afghan students are pursuing their studies in the Indian higher educational institutions and universities which ratifies brotherly relations between the two great and civilized nations in the region.

Obviously, the Indian role in the region has great significance to Afghanistan, because over the course of history the two brotherly nations were enjoying close relations based on mutual respect while Afghanistan was also exporting its merchandizes and products to the Indian local markets.

The Indian scholarships to the Afghan student reveal evidence that India was dealing with the Afghan affairs as honest and good friend. Alongside its economic and educational supports, the Indian people have also offered landmarked services to Afghanistan in health sector and establishment of Andhra Gandhi hospital in Kabul city proves this fact. During the course of history, India and Afghanistan were bounded into close relations in government and public level and India remained as an aerial corridor to Afghani products.

Recently the Indian government announced to waive custom duties on Afghani products which were warmly welcomed by the business community in Afghanistan. It`s vital to analyze Indian membership into two important organizations same as South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) and Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) because Indian allegiance with these two important organizations have major significance to Afghanistan and it have productive impacts on economic, diplomatic and commerce relations between the two countries.

The recent statement by Indian foreign minister Salman Khurshid in which he pointed towards interferences of some neighboring countries into internal affairs of Afghanistan shows that Indian nation is trying hope to see Afghanistan in peace and security as foreign minister Khurshid categorically announced that his country will not remain indifference into Afghan affairs and will not allow anyone to destabilize Afghanistan.

Because the Indian government believes that insecurity in Afghanistan directly impacts India. Based on remarks of some government officials, India has enjoyed brotherly relations with Afghanistan over the course of history and India was the first country with whom Afghanistan signed strategic cooperation partnership agreement and in financial cooperation sphere India remained the biggest donor to Afghanistan in the region.

Alongside its financial cooperation, Indian govt also supported Afghanistan in irrigation, agriculture, health, investments and educational grounds. The Indian cooperation to Afghanistan takes place at a time after the country also played tangible role in extraction of mines in Afghanistan.


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