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PublishDate: Thursday, February 7, 2013 18:09

Afghanistan has been the victim of terrorism for many years

Over the past decade, we have made great progress to provide sa

Making speech at the 12th OIC summit in Cairo, Edypt, Karzai warned about terrorism who pose the most dangerous threat to peace, security and progress across the Islamic world, especially Afghanistan.
Karzai added my country Afghanistan has been a victim of violence for many years. Over the past decade, we have made great progress to provide safer, healthier and more prosperous lives for the Afghan people. However, terrorism and extremism, emanating from outside our borders, remains the number one concern of the Afghan people, and the biggest challenge for our region. Terrorism continues to inflict great suffering on the peoples of Afghanistan and Pakistan. We can best defeat this threat through sincere cooperation. As far as Afghanistan is concerned, we are committed to working with our neighbor to ensure peace and security for our peoples and the region. .

Being optimistic on future Karzai said as the presence of the international forces in Afghanistan comes to an end next year, we are continuously consolidating our institutions of state and strengthening our security, social, political and economic prospects for the future. As part of this effort, we have extended a hand of reconciliation and peace to the Afghan Taliban and other groups that are currently engaged in armed opposition.

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