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PublishDate: Thursday, January 1, 2009 09:41

Afghani against-Israel protest in kabul

They are also watching how polestines occupants have stood up with the high tech army equipments against a number of defenseless Moslems. they are killed since they want to possess their legal and humanistic rights and live in their own lands. they are terribly surrounded from air and land ,so that not only they can not take out their injured being bombarded from air and land ,but also cannot save their lives from hunger and cold ,therefore they gradually die. 

When Afghani watch these awful pictures on the television, they deeply realize it because they themselves have been in these terrible situation and have had uncompatisable damages .

they are too more upset than are others from these Israel generation suicide and desire to assist them as more and well as possible.
AVA reports indicate that the entire institutions, parties, political and cultural gatherings and Kabul people are taking part in this support-protest demonstration and they organize a committee to this issue . seyyed Mohammad Hussein rezvani bamyani , this committee member and one of the cultural activist and a key role in making anti Israel’s march in a brief news talks said, ;as afghani showing their particular hate of historic generation suicide done by Israel and Hamas support, made us to obtain the necessary preparation for this . it will have at least assistance to who are living in gaze, however ,we must do our most attempts to show our hatred of Israel attacks to qaze in any way we can; He added. ;Since the different cultural, political personalities have declared their ready to take part, it will find great consequences; He said. ;This march will be on Saturday,Jan 4th in 2009, at nine in the morning from Zarnegar park of Kabul to united nations office and ,at the end of this march, some personalities will give speech and after saying the resolution ,these documents will be sent to the united nations office. 
We want the people to take part in this march as well as inform others in other villages; he pleaded. 

National united council will also have a commemoration meeting for the qaze killed on Thursday at one and half in the afternoon in the public mosque of Baharestan park Parvan -Kabu l. Some personalities will give speech about qaze crisis.

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