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PublishDate: Wednesday, January 2, 2013 13:26

100,000 residential houses to be built in Kabul

These houses will be established in area of 4th Microrayan onward to Kabul International Airport road, Khawja Rawash and 26 Dalwa townships.

Following start of global community mission in Afghanistan in 2001, international donors generously raised huge financial assistance to Afghanistan to support the war-devastated country in different areas of socioeconomic dimensions mainly establishment of highways, schools, health centers, hospitals and renovation of basic infrastructure, but despite international focus on Afghanistan, special focus not paid on construction of residential houses in the country to facilitate those families suffering from none existence of residential blocks and proper shelters and with consideration of this requirement, recently a memorandum of understanding signed between officials of Afghanistan’s ministry of urban development and housing and a Russian company which will pave the way for construction of nearly 100,000 residential plots in capital city Kabul which gets overcrowded daily as a result of population flow from the villages. 

For overall assessment of the project, The Kabul Times correspondent has discussed the topic with Nawaz Bakhtiar chairman of housing enterprise of Afghanistan’s ministry of urban developments as follows. 

The housing enterprise has signed a contract with a Russian housing company to ensure establishment of at least 100,000 residential houses in capital Kabul and the concerned company has pledged to construct these houses in accordance to latest requirements and international standards within one year, said Nawaz Bakhtiar chairman of housing enterprise of ministry of urban development in his exclusive interview with The Kabul Times reporter. 

Before implementation of the project, two housing factories are expected to build by the concerned company with cost of $50 million each in premises of housing enterprise within the seven months and practice work on these projects will be initiated by the end of January 2013 and implementation of the pr


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