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PublishDate: Monday, December 3, 2012 10:30

The Kabul diplomat traffic jam on roads to Islam Abad

Signing pact with country having bombarded our country border shows that friend and enemy are not defined in Afghanistan foreign policies.

News Analysis Service, (AVA)- The Afghanistan diplomats have visited Pakistan over and over. After Salahuddin Rabbani trip to Pakistan 3 weeks ago, the Afghanistan foreign minister, Zalmai Rasul leading a diplomatic delegation traveled to Pakistan on Friday.

After meeting with Pakistani officials, the foreign minister attended in press conference with his Pakistani counterpart, Rabbani Khar.

Khar underscored that Kabul the most important capital in the world for Pakistan so its stability and security should be implemented.

She said these meetings show the importance of relations for both countries.

Holding Ulamas high council meeting in next year, bilateral commercial cooperation, keeping on cooperation with central Asia through Tajikistan and bilateral cooperation in Afghanistan peace process are at the agenda of meeting.

Both countries ministers said Afghanistan and Pakistan will sign strategic pact.

Signing pact with country having bombarded our country border and the India enemy, the Afghanistan strategic partner, shows that friend and enemy are not defined in Afghanistan foreign policies.

Signing pact with different enemy countries in the region and the world adds fuel in regional and international competition among countries pushing Afghanistan toward instability and insecurity.

Besides signing pact, what seems more important is that Pakistan is changing its policies toward Afghanistan to play more constructive role in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan will go toward national sovereignty and independence after 2014 but the most important event will be changing the government key officials.

The question, meanwhile, is whether Afghanistan sticks to this policy toward Pakistan or not. So the current issues made Pakistan to restore its lost reputation among Afghan people and officials through supporting Taliban in Afghanistan.

Pakistan was always considered as terrorism supporter, Afghanistan security and stability enemy and as a country with double faced policies so it was not counted as diplomatic partner.

Afghanistan never sees Pakistan as enemy and always tries to keep its relation with Pakistan but it is not assumed that Afghanistan will stick to these policies after 2014.

Afghanistan should not ignore the history of Afghanistan and Pakistan relationship in their decision.


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