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PublishDate: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 13:48

Has the time come for Syrian-Hamas separation?

Such closure, obviously enough, has no consequences but the divergence between Hamas and Damascus, which in turn revealed in the chambers of trade and financial realms.

The hidden conflict between Islamic Resistance Movement of Hamas and Syrian government got obvious and the Syrian politicians had no choice but to close the offices of this movement in Syria in order to cut the relation between them and Syrian opposition groups. 

The roots of the standing conflict traced back to March, 2011, when Hamas stood beside the opposition groups and supported them.

At the beginning, this conflict has a political perspective, in a sense that in the last two recent years, senior political officials of Hamas in Gaza lambasted and leveled criticism at Assad government and meanwhile praised the militant groups in the country. Hamas increased its critical policy and vocal opposition after the victory of Muslim Brotherhood, inasmuch as their (Hamas followers) origin back to this group.

Alongside, Assad governments opponents embraced such conflict and stepped up for parting Assad government and Hamas group. Given that, prime minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in the glorious ceremony of Justice and development throw a red carpet for Hamas leaders and put Hamas leader, Khaled Mashal beside European senior guests, moreover, the Qatari king, who is supporting Syrian militants, went to Gaza, for the first time to project this image that the dream of “Brotherhood Crescent” formed and penetrated among some Hamas leaders.

Such closure, obviously enough, has no consequences but the divergence between Hamas and Damascus, which in turn revealed in the chambers of trade and financial realms, especially due to huge investment Erdoğan and King of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa allocated for Gaza.

Such conflict then crystalized in the form of holding protests against Assad government which recently widened into military clashes in Palestinian camp dwellers of Yarmouk and between Syrian forces and some militants, supposedly, supported by Hamas.

All these unrest and clashes came one the heel of another and led to the point in which Syrian government closed Hamas office in Syria, of course, after it was revealed they were involved in recent clashes in the country.

It would, on the face of it, seemed that closing Hamas office, deepened conflict between Hamas and Syrian government. Following the recent events, Hamas leader, Salah Al-Bardawil underscored that Hamas do not care if Syria closes their offices, but what is important to them (Palestinians) is keeping Palestinians out of the standing chaos.

He also, in provocative remarks, underscored that Palestinians should be out of this (clashes) since they have more than their bad fair share of hardship regarding the whole displacements and what they are after is releasing their country. Prior to the speech, Hamas condemned any attack to Palestinian camp of Yarmouk which left tens of killed and injured.

Hamas leaders after being expelled in 90s from Jordon went to Syria since no country accept them. According to Syrian resources, among 10 Palestinian groups resident in Damascus, the most facilities provided for Hamas. Tracking back to a time, when Mecca agreement faced failure (the agreement based on which, Emaeil Haniyeh and Mahmoud Abbas were supposed to form a joint government of Fatah and Hamas), Saudi Arabia stopped helping Hamas, this movement needed the help of Syria and Tehran more than any other time.

But the tsunamis of Middle East revolutions, followed by Hamas and the Alavitte getting parted made Hamas leaders to choose different policies toward Damascus and Tehran. In Gaza, the idea of reaching Arab Spring to Syria raised and some of Hamas leaders, in their speech, censured Asad government.

At this time, it seems, the body of Hamas is about to decamp Damascus, the city have been hosted and provided sanctuary for Palestinian groups. The capital of Syria, since 1980s, was the second home for resistance movement.

The future of Hamas, in the case of decamping, is not clear. Despite of Erdoğan’s and Qatar Kind’s promises, Hamas, due to Israel’s threats, could not get the approval of opening an office in Arab countries. Practically, the political office of Hamas divided between Doha and Cairo.

Anyhow, the distance between Hamas and Damascus was a tragic event for many Islamic gathering. During the last two years, Gaza and Damascus amicable relation dissipated, and some of the members of resistance movement in the Middle East, preferred not to talk in such condition, and some warned about the negative consequences of such separation.

They urged Hamas leaders not to rely on promises and destroy their three decades of friendship with Syria, especially considering time all the countries left Hamas alone. So regarding that, Syrian politicians say they are paying high price for supporting Palestinian resistance.

Undoubtedly, the winner of this dangerous game is nobody, but the regime of Zionism, given that Palestinian scholars and elites should find a way to solve this problem before its getting too late.


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