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The defense ministry spokesman assu

The propagandas against the Afghanistan security condition after 2014 are at the center of attention in lieu of the Afghanistan big achievements.

Kabul, (AVA)- The Afghanistan defense ministry spokesman, General Zahir Azimi said the foreign propagandas against the Afghanistan security after 2014 have made the Afghanistan nation worried.

Pointing to the 352,000 army forces in Afghanistan, Azimi told Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) there will be no anxiety of providing security after the foreign troops withdrawal.

The defense ministry spokesman added the budget for supporting the Afghanistan national army and security was determined according to the strategic pacts signed between Afghanistan and some foreign countries.

General Azimi pointing to the enemies enfeeblement said the Afghanistan army forces are able to control the country condition and stand against any threaten. A good example of this is 3,000 night operations carried out by national forces.

He expressed his regrets that the propagandas against the Afghanistan security condition after 2014 are at the center of attention in lieu of the Afghanistan big achievements.

As a security expert, General Azimi assured the people about the Afghanistan condition after 2014.

He pointed to the increasing of the Afghanistan national army which increased from 400 to 195.000 forces during 10 years.

Azimi said the Afghanistan national army force have been equipped with light and advanced weapons used by international troops.

General said Afghanistan has one of the best commandoes in the region especially in night operations.

Although the air forces infrastructure and training air forces programs was established in Heart, Heart air forces are dealing with lack of equipment.

Eradicating the Afghanistan problems, the government is talking with the world community; Azimi quoted the Karzai speech as saying that unless the U.S and the world community equip the Afghanistan army forces with heavy weapons, the Afghanistan government will hold talks with other countries.

Talking about national army development, the defense ministry spokesman said the national army is able to carry out the 18 months operation named Nawid.

He called the "Green on Blue" attack as worrying case having been discussed three times in national Security Council session.

Penetrating of enemies in Afghanistan national army and intelligence organizations is the main reason of such these attacks.

According to the defense and interior ministries and national security commandment, the army soldiers backgrounds are going to be taken into consideration again, he said.

The national defense minister was quoted as saying that the 4th and 5th phases of security transition is by far more difficult than previous stages, he said the Afghanistan army can take the responsibility of Afghanistan security before 2013 and their ability will be checked up by the end of 2014.

General Azimi concluded that to improve the organization affairs process, new methods will be introduced but no changes in policy after the new defense minister present his priority plan includes improving the governing, equipping and training the national army and corruption encounter.

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