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PublishDate: Thursday, September 27, 2012 13:53

West aims the region but not helping Afghanistan

There are some media which not only refuse to pave the way for peace implementation but bring also unrest to Afghanistan.

Tehran, (AVA)- After taking part in Islamic Radio and Television Union Conference, Hojjatul Islam Wal Muslemin Seyyed Isa Hosseini Mazri, the head of Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) was live-TV interviewed by the Iran News channel in Tehran over strategic pact, unrest and the consequences of the U.S military bases establishment in Afghanistan.

IRINN: according to the strategic pact, the U.S will shift its mission in Afghanistan after 2014 which will have consequences in Afghanistan and the region.

Regarding the U.S intension of Afghanistan invasion having aimed the terrorists in this country, has the terrorist activities been influenced by the 12-years presence of West in Afghanistan?

Hosseini Mazari: From the beginning, West pledged Afghanistan with trying to bring peace and security to Afghanistan and help this country with political and economical issues but as the time of their presence went by instability and insecurity have been extended throughout Afghanistan revealing the West failure in fighting against terrorism.

IRINN: As a media expert in Afghanistan, what are the media roles in Afghanistan peace and security implementation? 

Hosseini Mazari: The media in Afghanistan make their especial efforts to implement peace and stability in the country save for those media which pave the way for Afghanistan insecurity and instability. A good example of this is broadcasting the programs which are inconsistent with Islam values and Afghanistan people tenets paving the way for the anti-government insurgents to take the advantages of the country unrests.

IRINN: The war in Afghanistan costs $570 billion and if this budget allocated to Afghanistan development, Afghanistan would be constructed. Will the West especially America presence in Afghanistan help Afghanistan with its security and development?

Hosseini Mazari: Beyond doubt, if the budget was given to the Afghanistan government to reconstruct the Afghanistan, the Afghanistan conditions would be completely different. Security will not be implemented in Afghanistan due to the U.S presence in this country led Afghanistan face with challenges.

The first challenge is domestic issues caused by Afghanistan people since they can not handle the foreigner presence in the country. Another challenge is people objection to giving the permissions to the West to interfere in Afghanistan interior affairs according to the strategic pact. The second factor could bring instability to Afghanistan is the regional countries such as Russia, India, China and the Islamic Republic of Iran which oppose to the U.S presence in Afghanistan.

IRINN: The U.S and West are dealing with economical issues, what goals are they going to achieve regarding their astronomic budgets allocated to Afghanistan war? 

Hosseini Mazari: According to the U.S intelligence resources, the economic power is transferring to East like Russia, China, India and Iran. The U.S has never helped Afghanistan and will never make efforts to develop Afghanistan since West and the U.S to control the regional countries.

IRINN: The nation will and determination is the main motivation to implement peace and security in each country and the Afghanistan nation has always proved their opposition with foreigners presence. Whether the Afghanistan nation able to implement peace in their country?

Hosseini Mazari: The Afghanistan people are able to do their best in every field especially in the country governing proving in 14 years of Jihad conquered the Soviet Union with non-modern equipments but definitely, there are flaws in different fields in Afghanistan should be dealt with.


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