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PublishDate: Thursday, June 21, 2012 12:00

To fight against corruption requires people and governmental organizations cooperation

The foreigners will leave us sooner or later so we ourselves should man

Properties of Balkh high rank governmental organization are registered by the office of fight against corruption.

Making speech in a press conference held in the Balkh tax office hall, Zollali Abdorrazagh, the deputy of anti-corruption office heading a delegation to Balkh province said 141 countries stand with Afghanistan to eradicate the office corruption in Afghanistan.

"Article 7 of the law supervising the implementation of anti-corruption strategy determines doing 18 actions as corruption so office corruption is not one but a series." added the deputy of anti-corruption office.

Bribery, misusing governmental position, embezzlement, stopping the justice implementation and quitting governmental position without permission are examples of office corruption.

"Corruption as a worldwide crisis has not come to borne at once but over years. For example, in Georgia before establishing the anti-corruption office bribery was at the record level even for getting answer for a single question." he added

To get somewhere with the fight against corruption both the governmental and people should cooperate and the governmental authorities even the president properties needs to be registered.
"We already started registering the governmental organization belongings across the country and Balkh is the second province." Zolali said.

Calling for taking it serious, he asked people to report seeing corruption to the police.

"Although Afghanistan has 99 percent Muslim, corruption, terrorism and narcotic have damaged our country over years and whenever at foreign or inside Afghanistan conferences the talk comes to these crises our high rank officials feel down." Wahdat Muhammad Zaher, the deputy of Balkh provincial governor said

Until all Afghans have not felt responsibility toward eradicating corruption and awakened their conscience, the High Office of fight against the corruption is not going to tackle the issue he added.

Warning about being so optimistic on foreign funds and military presence, Wahdat said the foreigners will leave us sooner or later so we ourselves should manage such things like fight against corruption or establishing security.

Islam has considered every thing to help build an ideal society but there is the blame on us since we have failed implementing the Islamic rules the Balkh provincial governor said.


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