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PublishDate: Monday, February 20, 2012 12:00

‘West, Israel dreadful of democracy in Islamic regions’

Walker thinks a unified, democratic Islamic region exposes the hypocrisy o

The following is a transcription of the interview.
Q: What about what our guest in Texas just said as far as the Israeli influence? Is it the Israeli influence or is it something else?

And then we have dictatorial monarchies such as the regime in Bahrain or in Saudi Arabia that, of course, is simply hailed. In this day and age, 2012, how can reality be so twisted around that when everyone knows, for example in Saudi Arabia what is going on there, that it can be hailed as a symbol of progress. What exactly is going on in your perspective? 

Walker: Well, I think it’s shear double-standards and hypocrisy. And it’s interesting to say how in 2012 can this sort of myth be perpetrated? I think very much that because it is 2012, and because the media is so much more global, it can’t be.

We all know what’s happening in Bahrain. We watched on our screens as Saudi armored cars built in Britain thundered across the causeway to put down that particular popular demonstration.

So it’s becoming more and more difficult to peddle these stories. But I’m convinced, as well, that the influence of Israeli lobbies and such like, there is this feeling in the West that they do not like. It ruins their storyline, as it were, if the Islamic world can combine Islam with a form of democracy that patently works.

I don’t think really that any Western TV station today can really say that those scenes of intense voting even in snowy weather in Iran were completely made-up. Of course, there will be stories about repressed candidates who were not able to appear and such like.

But nevertheless, the sheer weight of numbers, and I think also what’s terribly significant is indeed the turnout of 64 percent because that is a very respectable voting majority but not a ludicrous majority like we used to have.

I lived in Egypt when Mubarak was in power. He never seemed to win an election by less than 99.1 percent. And this was ridiculous! People just couldn’t take that seriously.

They can’t really ridicule 64 percent. In fact, as one of your earlier commentators pointed out, it’s slightly higher than they have been in some leading Western elections. In fact, I thin that Mrs. Thatcher was elected totally by less than 50 percent by the British electorate.


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