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PublishDate: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 13:46

Afghan Female Senator Linked To Kidnapping

Abdul Samad has been involved in man

Mohammad Zaheer, Head of Criminal Investigation Department of Kabul Police says Abdul Samad, head of the kidnapping group is the brother of Fauzia Sadat who was previously released from prison due to Mrs. Sadat’s influences Khaama Press reported.

He further added that Abdul Samad has been involved in many kidnapping cases and armed thefts.

Mr. Zaheer said, “Senator Sadat’s brother has been involved in many crimes. The people he had kidnapped were naked, mutilated ears and tapes were sent to their families.”

After Abdul Samad was arrested the police got a call from Senator Fawzia Sadat Smkanai, rudely asking where his brother was, said Mr. Zaheer.

But the statements made by Head of Criminal Investigation Department were dismissed by Fauzia Sadat.

Mrs. Sadat said, “I have no connection to the case, however it is true that he is my brother. It is not a crime communicating to my brother. Kabul police claims are baseless and unacceptable.”

According to Mr. Zaheer, a letter has been sent to Afghan Senate House, but there are some senators supporting Fawzia Sadaat.

It comes as Afghan Attorney General Office has officially asked the Senate House to assist and cooperate in arresting Fawzia Sadat, but police said some members of Senate House supports her.


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