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PublishDate: Wednesday, January 11, 201216:01

Dozens of militants killed and detained in Afghan operations

The detained militant commander was recognized as Kefayatullah involved in plotting insurgency attacks.

The detained militant commander was recognized as Kefayatullah who was involved in plotting insurgency attacks in Sarkano district KHAAMA Press reported.

Provincial governor spokesman Wasifullah Wasifi confirming the report said, the operation was conducted by Afghan national army soldiers at Donaie area in Sarkano district on Tuesday evening.

Mr. Wasifi further added, the operation was conducted while a group of the armed insurgents were planting roadside bombs in the area.

Taliban group fighting the Afghan government and coalition forces yet to comment regarding the operation.

In the meantime, officials in Ministry of Interior Affairs of Afghanistan following a press release announced, at least 10 armed militants were killed and 40 others were injured following Afghan police operations during the past 24 hours.

The source further added, the militants were killed and injured following 5 separate operations by Afghan police in conjunction with the Afghan National Army, Afghan Intelligence and coalition forces.

According to Afghan Interior Ministry officials, the operations were conducted at Nangarhar, Kandahar, Helmand and Balkh provinces.

The officials also said, Afghan security forces seized some weapons and explosives including 5 AK-47 assault rifles, 13 improvised explosives devices, 2 suicide bombing vests, 140 kilograms of explosives, 250 kilograms of drugs and 3 motorcycles.

In separate operations at Laghman, Zabul and Helmand provinces, Afghan security forces seized at least 6 roadside bombs and some explosives, officials said.

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