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PublishDate: Monday, January 2, 2012 12:43

Afghan and US officials to resume strategic pact talks

Long term strategic cooperation between Afghanistan-England, Afghanistan- France and Italy is due to be finalized in coming days.

Afghan foreign affairs ministry spokesman Janan Mosazai during a press conference on Sunday said, strategic pact talks between the two nations is expected to be resumed in coming one month.

Mr. Janan Mosazai said, the talks are going to be held in capital Kabul to discuss the long term strategic cooperation agreement between the two nations.
Janan Mosazai further added, Long term strategic cooperation agreement drafts between Afghanistan and United Kingdom and Afghanistan France and Italy is due to be finalized in coming days.
He also said, the strategic cooperation agreements will provide long term economical military assistance to Afghan government and Afghan armed forces.
He said, “the talks will be held by high level Afghan and American officials in capital Kabul where the US ambassador to Afghanistan and other top US military officials will attend the meetings to discuss the pact.”
In the meantime, officials in the ministry of foreign affairs of Afghanistan announced another strategic pact between Afghanistan and NATO in the near future.
Afghan officials emphasize that the strategic pact with the United States of America will be signed on the basis of a mutual respect and will not threaten the neighboring countries of Afghanistan.

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