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PublishDate: Monday, November 7, 2011 10:20

Congratulated the Afghanistan and Pakistan nation on the Eid -0l-Adha

Sunday held in the Jamea mosque of the presidential palace, Karzai and some high rank governmental officials took part in the Eid-o-lghorban prayer.
Karzai after the Eid prayer hoped thanks to the sake of divinity of such Eids the God to do Afghanistan a favor of establishing peace and stability has his mercy and blessing upon Afghanistan.
Dislike the last Eids celebrated, Karzai having called the Taliban dissatisfied brothers this time did not repeat his request on having Taliban joint to the peace process.
In his short speech Karzai congratulated the Afghanistan people on Eid-o-lazha.
Due to the blessing of the peace martyrs blood especially the Peace Martyr, Burhanodin Rabbani, the mighty God would help having peace established both across the World and Afghanistan hoped Karzai.
The peace, comfort and stability were wished all the Muslims across the World Malaysia, Tunisia and especially Pakistan having been miserable and victims of the terrorism in Karzai speech.
From among the list of governmental high rank officials taking part in the Eid prayer held in the presidential palace Jamea mosque such names as Marshal Ghasim Fahim, the president firs vice, Abdosallam Azimi, the grand judge, Ebrahimi Abdorauf, the parliament speaker, Abdorrab Sayyaf, a Jihadi leader could be recited.


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