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PublishDate: Monday, September 26, 201112:23

Welcomed on the fifth anniversary of the union of the Islamic radio and Televisions Union.

The union now is the home to

The Secretary General of the union issued a message on the fifth establishment; I congratulate all writers, thinkers and intellectuals believing in teachings of the prophet Muhammad (P.U.B.H) on the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the Islamic Radios and TVs the union site reported.  
The Union celebrates its fifth birthday while it has experienced huge growth over the past five years and now is home to 200 members from 32 countries, making it one of the biggest media organizations in the world in terms of geographical scope and the number of members.

Impressive cooperation and coordination between the members, especially in facing the global developments and paying attention to the demands of the people in the current wave of the Islamic awakening can be regarded as the most important achievement of the union.

I warmly welcome all my colleagues and union members and I congratulate them on such a great success. I beg God to help us succeed in promoting Islamic teachings of the great prophet Mohammad (P.U.B.H).

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