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PublishDate: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 11:43

Peace dream in the war torn country!

The peace process is going to receive most damages from the terror of Rabbani the experts believe.
Prior to establishing the high council for pace there was the peace consulting Jirga prepared the ground for High Council for peace headed by Rabbanni.
The high council for peace with Rabbanni as the head and circles of Afghan elders and Jihadi figures around him had raised the gleam of hope on the way of establishing peace and stability in Afghanistan.
Rabbanni as a Jihadi top figure in the Karzai government was optimistic on the reconciliation with Taliban and had gained many achievements in numerous talks with Taliban when he was terrorized.
With no doubt the legitimacy of the peace process ,conducted firmly by president Karzai, although will see no change, will be put under the question.
By the death of the head of the high council for peace the peace process will almost be lost since the trust crisis where the government is keen to continue but the Taliban is reluctant is intensified.
Claiming the responsibility of Rabbanni terror by Mujahed Zabihullah, the Taliban spoke man, approve the peace process is one sided.
The relation of Afghanistan with some neighboring countries especially Pakistan is going to be affected by Rabbanni death since he for several times had blamed Pakistan on most of Afghanistan crisis.


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