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PublishDate: Sunday, September 11, 2011 10:52

President Hamed Karzai met the special representative of Italy for Afghanistan and Pakistan

President Hamed Karzai met Francisco Maria Telo, the special representative of Italy for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Describing as good and time honored the ties between Afghanistan and Italy, President Karzai added helps from world community have been effective and no one can compare today’s Afghanistan to that of ten years ago.

“The progresses are nearly in all area such as public services, road construction, business, education, lawmaking and progress in economy has been remarkable,” said president.

Delivering Berlusconi’s sincere, chancellor of Italy, Mr. Maria, for his part, said his country will remain supportive after 2014 for Afghanistan and will try, alongside Afghan people, to bring peace and stability for Afghanistan.

The special representative of Italy added his country is cooperating with Afghanistan in several economic development programs especially in Heart city, which have been effective in economic promotion.

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