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PublishDate: Sunday, July 24, 2011 12:00

The Saudi Arabia interference dimensions in Syria

The Saudi Arabia interfere in the Syria domestic affairs and recent unrest and arm the opposing group in Syria.

An Arab experienced journalist having had relations with the Arab embassies has revealed the dimensions of the Saudi Arabia interference in the Syria domestic affairs and recent unrests where the Saudi Arabia armed the opposing group in Syria.
The America to keep the Saudi Arabia immune to the Arab uprising and make a new commander out of this country in the region has place the Saudi Arabia in position of interfering the regional countries affairs A.Y told IRNA.
The Saudi Arabia of performing such a rule has two main purposes; First, to keep Ale-Khalifeh in power in Bahrain although the Saudi sending the military force to Bahrain violates the UN charter. The second is preventing from the uprising to reach the Saudi Arabia he said.
About the second policy, he said the Saudi Arabia in countries like Syria that is not suffering from big uprising arm the rebelling groups.
To prove his claim he pointed to discovery of weapons in Lebanon having been carried to Syria.
Since the Arab uprisings began, the Saudi Arabia as it has been told by America has created unrests in Syria but when failed continued with arming the rebelling groups.
The rebilling groups working in Syria are based on the experienced militia persons involved in doing the terrorist actions in Iraq and Lebanon this Arab journalist said to RAJA news.
The central core of these rebelling groups in Syria are backed by the some deceived figures in Syria to carry out operations against the government, army and the people of Syria he added.
In Saudi Arabia defense ministry a council to follow the cases of sending weapons to rebelling groups via the neighboring countries and diplomatic pressure on Syria is established he said.
Pointing to the Saudi Arabia anti-Syria government, he said every day some of the weapons sent with the purpose of Syria are discovered.
To expand the America dominance in the region the Saudi Arabia have done things like direct interference in Bahrain by sending military force and supporting the anti-government groups in Syria the expert opinions and the Arab journalist view shared.
The more it takes time to fight against the government in Syria the better and more the Saudi Arabia extend its monetary and military help to rebelling groups.
Beside the military help, the media support from the rebelling groups has compounded the crisis in Syria. Al-Arabieh, Al-Hayat and Al-shargh-o-Owsat are the TVs and Medias cover the news of opposing groups to topple the government in Syria.
The Saudi Arabia is trying to get most of the uprisings in Arab countries to extend its dominance in the region this Arab journalist said.


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