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PublishDate: Sunday, August 14, 2011 13:10

The anti-Syria political movement activities aimed to topple the government at peak!

They censored killing of 10 of people in protest Saudi Arabia and Bahrain but they intensify the Syria changes and twenty-four hours release wrong news about Syria.

The political game led by U.S and England in the Middle East has especial characteristics. They use every possible ways to implement their policies.
Therefore, since the past-five-month uprisings in Syria began, the anti-Syria movement’s activities aimed to topple the Assad’s government have reached its peak point.
The media challenges;
Since the Syria instability initiation, the differences between international and Arabic media’s attitudes have been obvious. The media like are the good example of this. While they covered the Syria uprisings by violating the international laws of media, the high ranked officials and journalists of these media were disagreed resulting the series of resignation of journalists, objecting to taking side of Arabic media activities movements. Ghasan-e-Jaddo and Zinat-o-lyazji are the example of resigned journalists.
The Al Jazireh and Al Arabieh after months of Syria changes are continuing the same policy. They censored killing of 10 of people in protest Saudi Arabia and Bahrain but they intensify the Syria changes and twenty-four hours release wrong news about Syria.
Revealing the old willing opponents;
The recent movement revealed the Assad government opponents. Terrorist group of Al-Qaeda and the movements of Al-Selfi and Vahabi and Takfiri took clear positions against Syria. Firstly, it seemed difficult to prove the terrorist attacks activities the people and army at the beginning of the Syria changes due to not being present of media but these sides reveal which movements want to take revenge of Assad government.
The Al-Qaeda new leader in support of the terrorist activities against Syria government said these activities should be continued until reaching to their desires. Selfi and Vahabi movements as the recent year enemy of Assad being active inside and outside have taken some steps that are avoided to mention.
Later one of the Vahabi Sonny figure issued a Fatwa (declaration) ordered wrong thought against the Syria changes results in implementing the terrorist attacks by terrorist armed groups.
Diplomatic soft war and strategic sanction of old alliances
Beside the west anti-Syria pressure, the Syria neighboring countries two position worth analyzing. First, Lebanon as a temporary member of the united council took post-Syria position and condemned the sanction on Syria. However, the other neighbor, Turkey, took anti-Syria position where Ordoghan called the Syria issue as a Turkey domestic affairs and said Turkey is out patient about Syria crisis.
On the other hand, the European Union is going to implement the new sanction, financial and gas not working on Iran. In fact, all west officials asked Assad to step down. Gido Westrole, the gay foreign minister of Germany, is the example of them. Saudi Arabia in taking steps against Syria returned its ambassador from this country resulting in west activities against the government of Syria.
What is the reason for such pressures on Syria? Why is the West trying hard to change the Syria government while they have been ignorant to Bahrain, Yemen and Saudi Arabia cruelty?
The answers to the above questions are the Islamic-based policy Syria has taken to strengthen its Arabic identity so this country has turned to the resistance supporter. Therefore, the West and America are trying to get most of the recent unrests in this country to topple the Syria government while the purpose of those minorities having staged protests is different from what the West and America think; the few protesters are looking for wider political realm and taking place of reformations.


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