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PublishDate: Thursday, August 4, 2011 13:18

Two agreements signed on decreasing the rate of poverty and unemployment

The Ministry of Labor, Martyrs and disabled signed two technical training projects with two private institutes in Kabul.
These technical training projects are going to be implemented in some cities, Sholgareh, Dehdadi, Marmoul, Rakheh, Bazarak and provinces, Balkh and Panjshir.
These projects, costs 13,000,000 Afghanis, signed with institutes of Payam-e-Nour and Darvaz include English, tailoring, embroidery and welding training.
According to Ministry of Labor’s officials saying under these projects going to be implemented in 8 months almost 300 unemployed in Balkh province and 390 ones in Panjshir will be trained.
Unemployed like unemployed youth, returning refugees, inside displaced people, disabled and martyr families are the example of those who are going to be trained.
These projects cover 30 to 35 percent of women and 5 to 10 percent of disabled.
By implementing these projects, we can take long step in decreasing the unemployed rate and make many job opportunities Afghanistan officials said.
We wish the in charge officials and the Ministry of Finance cooperate in preparing the fund of implementing these projects in order to eradicate the poverty and unemployment Ameneh Afzali, the deputy of Ministry of Labor, Martyr and Disabled, said.
According to Kabul conference decision and the strategic goals of Afghanistan National development, the Ministry of Labor is going to have job opportunities created by training 240,000 deserved people by the end of 2012.


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