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PublishDate: Monday, August 1, 2011 10:06

Six Key Questions for writing a report better

Tom Huang, one of the senior editors of Musing Dallas News revealed his innovative method in preparing a report.
According to France 24 this well-known journalist with asking questions strengthens the reporter’s creativity to focus more on the key issue so that the report will be more interesting. In this regard he referred to a professor of journalism named “Roy Peter Clark” believing the task of editor is not to give order but to show a reporter what to do. He recommends, before writing the report, a reporter ask himself or herself these below six questions;

1. If you are going to tell this to your friend, how would you do?
The benefit of this question is to avoid writing long and hard-to-understand reports since you have felt closeness with the audience.

2. What is the headline of report?
The benefit of this question is to manage the report better since you know on where and how to concentrate.
3. What has made you surprised?
The benefit of this question is to help you write a report a little bit different from the previous repetitive samples by focusing on distinguished things can help you write differently.
4. What are the unanswered questions?
The benefit of this question is to face the reader and the listener with questions challenge their brains so that the issue will be cleared.
5. What new work can you do?
The benefit of this question is to tell yourself whether you are going to write the same or differently.
6. What message is going to be conveyed to your audience?
The benefit of this question is to help you create a unique report by transferring the moralities since in the world of communication it is important to make yourself distinguished.


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